This is a 2-month beginner program that can be done at home! It includes 40 workouts- both strength and cardio- to help you increase your strength, cardio, & overall confidence in working out. The goal w/ this program is to teach you the basics and increase your fitness, all so you feel confident to lift some weights/join a gym at the end of 2 months. 


You can take your own pace if you feel you need more time, or you can double-up on workouts if you're looking for an extra challenge. The choice is yours! 


  • Please seek medical guidance before beginning this or any fitness program. Because this program is NOT supervised or customized, begin this workout program at your own risk. We do not hold liability for any injury that occurs during the program. As such, we strongly insist you obtain medical clearance before beginning the program. Always modify movements that do not seem safe for your current level of fitness and ability.